BM Confectionery is one of its unique and leading FMCG companies in Pakistan that was founded in 2018. Our company believes in delivering quality products to our consumers that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The organisation has also successfully distributed its quality products to more than four continents around the globe. With more than a decade of experience, our company has focused on continuously improving the quality of products to deliver the best quality to our consumers worldwide.


Global Presence

BM Confectionery is a Pakistan-based company that has an international network in more than seven different countries and has its head office in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi. Our primary strategy is to expand our existing presence globally by utilising advanced innovative marketing ideas and developing strong and synergetic business relations.



To provide countless Reasons to Smile to everyone, everywhere, everyday.



BM Confectionery is guided by a set of core values, we believe in, and stand for; which guide our actions, decisions and are the core drivers of our corporate belief system.
People – We are a team with a winning & entrepreneurial mindset Integrity – We have zero tolerance on breach of integrity as this is the human quality most necessary for business success
Excellence through Innovation – This is our passion, built in our DNA & one of our key success factors
Collaboration – Key driver to promote teamwork, trust, respect, honesty and an open culture
Customer & Consumer – Our ultimate goal

About Us

BM Confectionery has more than a decade of experience in confectionery all over Pakistan. One of the main motives of the entire organisation is to work passionately and zealously to provide the consumers with our best quality products. BM Confectionery is one of the organisations in Pakistan that represents both the traditional and future values and culture at the same time by delivering unique and quality products. The products of BM Confectionery include Chocolonies, Nuttyloonies, Creamy Pillows, and rolls that are proudly accepted and liked by our consumers belonging to different age groups. BM Confectionery is a brand that pompously adapts to the economic and sociological development of the entire society. BM Confectionery also has a strong tradition of delivering quality taste and health. In addition to this, the organisation also focuses intensely on all our products that have value for money meant for the consumers. This positioning also allows people from every background and different age groups to enjoy the delicious products of our company to the fullest. BM Confectionery is in the hearts of the consumer's community and society that accompanies the happy moments of the families. The organisation aims to create feelings of closeness, respect, sincerity and trust. BM Confectionery has a very smooth communication channel with its consumers and loyal customers. We are always open with our consumers, and it also priorities the main principles of transparency in each and every activity. The overall corporate culture of BM Confectionery is entirely looking for the best and the newest. From its inception till today, the organisation has adopted the primary principles of fulfilling its promise of quality products for its consumers and standing out not only by fulfilling its consumer's desires and commitments but also with their actions. The company is also having the main emphasis on innovation. It continues to set standards with the help of advanced technology in every sector and in all areas of the business, including production, technology, and innovation. Known only for our chocolate-coated biscuits and wafers in our early years, we, as BM Confectionery, have introduced our new products to the consumers. It includes Beany Beans, Creamy rolls and pillows, lollipops, candies, gums, and Granola bars.


The success of BM Confectionery lies in the five years legacy, as we continuously strive to update our entire production system to upgrade the products with the help of innovation. We have already taken pride in being the pioneers of chocolate-coated biscuits and chewing gums in Pakistan. I am committed to pursuing measures incorporating invention into our entire business system. In BM Confectionery, the primary heart of our overall operations is the teams of highly qualified individuals, each chosen for their dedication and commitment to excellence. We also encourage every employee like our family members of BM Confectionery to excel in their roles, go beyond to meet their fullest potential and be the best that these employees can be. One of the best things we have is that we provide a highly professional work culture that provides a wonderful employee experience and a great overall learning platform for the individuals. We also strongly believe in integrity, respect and in being a socially responsible organisation. We are part of this mission and continue investing in our people, their capabilities, and their talent. Finally, we also facilitate our employees to our consistent promises and cultivate our legendary brands.

BM Confectionery QA Policy

BM Confectionery is one of Pakistan's leading food manufacturing and confectionery industries; that is having main priority on food safety as the main fundamental to our ongoing business. The primary goal is to deliver the highest quality with all the halal products with our innovative production methods everywhere. BM Confectionery strongly believes in "Service to Humanity is Service to Almighty". We bring this main principle to our lives by inducing quality as a habit. Our company's definite and ultimate objective is to ensure halal, clean and safe nutritious food for everyone and be the reason for uncounted happiness and smile. We are always committed to providing the highest quality of our products to the consumers. BM Confectionery never compromise safety specifications and our quality products with the fullest compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the markets where our products are sold.

Good Food Safety Practices
BM Confectionery has experience of more than a decade, are always committed to providing the highest quality confectionery products to our consumers with the help of effective and efficient strong programs and solid practices. It includes Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Allergen Management System (AMS), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Risk-Based Preventive Controls (HARPC), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). We are taking regular measures to implement all these practices from production to consumer. As a result, BM Confectionery strongly assures that every consumer is safe to eat and meets their desired quality expectations.

We hold safety and cleanliness, especially in our production department and are also accountable for the full implementation of the Halal Management System and Food Safety. In addition, BM Confectionery continuously conducts efficient and effective development and training programs to make our workforce more talented, dedicated, and productive. We also consider our distributors and vendors as valuable partners and accountable for implementing every Food Safety requirement.

We are always highly committed to transparency and sharing information on food safety issues across our business and with regulators, distributors, customers, vendors, suppliers and consumers.

Continual Development
BM Confectionery always focus on the Continuous Professional Program (CPD) to maintain professional decorum in our industry. As a result, we have skilled employees who play a significant role in production and distribution procedures. Our top management reviews these programs, practices and policies every six months (at least) to ensure that it continues to reflect the company's primary goals and aspirations.

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